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Yes, Alain RICHARDSON is still not hit by the fever of the announcement of candidacy, and he is almost the only one, because to this day many are those who have announced that they are candidates in the upcoming territorial election normally planned for March 18th and 25th 2012.

May the population and the voters be reassured and may they do not get confused by the approach of the political group RASSEMBLEMENT-RESPONSABILITE-REUSSITE (RRR) and its political leader Alain RICHARDSON. For indeed, this group is the only political group today in the Collectivité, that can boast of being born and being the result of unity, of rallying and of a clear process of coming together of political parties and of the civil forces of St-Martin.

Our distinctive trademark stands as the foundation of our political approach. To all those who shout and who pride themselves in the “I” am candidate, and who present themselves as “the providential man”, our group since its establishment opposes and argues the “WE and the US.” Yes it is yet with pride and confidence that we are confirming that the RRR group offers itself up to the population for nobler and greater service; yes the RRR is candidate and in the race for the next territorial elections.

How can one comprehend when the various declared individual candidates claim that they want unity and wish for the coming together of the political forces, when their actions are exactly proclaiming the contrary? Is jumping the gun and declaring one’s candidacy, a means of bringing unity and presenting a united front? This can only be so, if the name of the game is to impose and or expect to have all other forces to shut-up and line-up.

The RRR group acts in respect and with consideration for all the population and in particular for all those groups and persons who wish to engage and commit themselves to service to St-Martin.

For months now (since May 2010), the our group has been in the various districts of the island  and has organized dozens of meetings, in order to hear from the population while presenting its ambitions for St-Martin and its population.

There where today many (all of the declared individual candidates) expose their personal ambitions (to become President),our group (RRR) boldly states that if victory and the Presidency of the Collectivité are necessary conditions yet they are not sufficient, except to desire to repeat the same mistakes of the past 30 years, that we and the youth of this Collectivité are today paying hard cash for.

Today we can proudly boast of having published since September a wave of some of the founding ideas and our some of our future electoral program flagship projects. Just as a reminder, our political platform is built around the urgency of creating wealth and jobs by the stimulus and the revitalization of our economy, but also by the need to protect and preserve our youth from the temptations of idleness and delinquency by proposing and providing them with an ambitious citizen partnership. Our group has the ambition to restore dignity through employment, entrepreneurship and access to the property.

The battle that we must engage resolutely and win at all costs for St-Martin is for the competitiveness and attractiveness of our territory. We boastfully and forcefully declare that it is the private sector that  is the true creator of wealth, added value and therefore of jobs, and that there will only be genuine economic development and growth, that in return will trigger social development in our territory when it becomes competitive and attractive. Being competitive and attractive is the only way to encourage both local and foreign investments and business creations.

Just as a reminder, here are a few projects of our ambition for St-Martin, that we have published in the press (printed and Internet) and have presented on the wave-links (radio and television):

– Structure and develop the trade sector (distribution, import-export, e-commerce, etc..) through the creation of a Trade “Free-Zone” around the port of Galisbay. This development of the interregional trade sector will serve as a trigger for the development of port infrastructure through a public-private partnership.

– Promote the development and creation of businesses through the creation of a development and investment fund with a tripartite financing: Public (Collectivité – EU – State), financial institutions and Private Citizens.

– Promote what can be termed as popular capitalism by the institution of local “Investors’ Clubs”.

– Offer our youth a new deal, a partnership that we call “Sponsorship” and which has for ambition to offer them coaching, professional supervision, access to training programs (and or a second chance in life), cultural, artistic and sports activities. This project called “Sponsorship” is in fact a school of citizenship and opportunities.

Our ambition is to serve St-Martin and its people and to rekindle hope, confidence and prosperity.


Leader of the group.

Par F.L 1 Déc 2011 02:54