NAGICO Insurances chosen to provide Life Insurance for all Justice Department Staff

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Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 31 Août 2016 09:37

NAGICO Insurances chosen to provide Life Insurance for all Justice Department Staff

Minister of Justice; Edson Kirindongo announced yesterday that NAGICO Insurances was selected as the insurer of choice to provide Group Life Insurance for all 550 Civil Servants who fall under the Justice Department.

During a meeting held yesterday, August 30th at his office, the Minister explained that of the four insurance companies that participated in the bidding, they received the best package offer from NAGICO and both he and the Civil Servants Unions which spearheaded the process are confident in their decision.

“We have reached a milestone in this project and I am truly happy that we were able to complete negotiations with NAGICO and are now able to offer these benefits to all 550 members of our staff, who are more than deserving of it,” he said. “With this step out of the way we move on to the next phase where we will be hosting information sessions for our staff, giving them the opportunity to table any questions or concerns they may have about the policy and the related benefits.”

The information sessions will commence within the coming week at a venue to be chosen by the Minister.

Meanwhile, NAGICO expressed gratitude to the Minister and the Civil Servants Union, for placing their confidence in them as a local insurance company.

“We are extremely happy to be the Group Life insurer of choice for the civil servants who fall under the Department of Justice, we applaud the work of the men and women who go out there daily to ensure that we are protected on all fronts and we will continue to provide them with the top notch service we are known for at NAGICO,” Lisa Brown; Marketing Manager said. “Insurance is very important and most people do not realize that until they actually need it, so to see that this proactive measure has been taken to provide security for the staff and their family is truly commendable.”

Brown also mentioned that policy experts will be in attendance at the information sessions, to answer all questions and queries regarding this package and also to address any concerns regarding coverage.

(See pic after meeting: From L. to R. Regional Underwriting Manager- Medical Division; Christopher Hunte, Regional Underwriting Manager Mirjam Semple, Jr. Operations Manager Life Department; Neetu Lalwani, Justice Minister Edson Kirindongo and Marketing Manager- Lisa Brown)

Police to tackle public intoxication situation

The police department has recently been confronted with persons that were highly intoxicated at establishments where alcohol is sold, to intervene in situations that had gotten out of hand. On many occasions the persons involved were so drunk they could not be reasoned with and had to be taken to the police station to sober up.

The police department is reminding and making owners/managers of businesses where alcohol is legally sold and/or served aware of the consequences when alcohol is sold or served to individuals in violation with the law and should take the following into account;

Punishable is he;

  1. who sells or serves alcohol to a person or persons that are in an apparent state of intoxication or under the influence of other mind-altering agents.
  2. who drunkens a child under sixteen years of age.
  3. who forces someone or forcefully threatens someone to consume alcohol or other mind-altering agents.

(Article 2:213 section 1 of the Penal Code)

Public drunkenness; an individual or individuals clearly being under the influence of alcohol in public, which is also in violation with the law. (Article 3:662 of the Penal Code)

The use of alcoholic beverages is not in itself a criminal offense. The user is only in violation of the law if he or she gets drunk and goes or is in that drunken state in public. Drunkenness must occur in a public place. A public place is a place that is accessible to all. Examples of public places that are: public roads, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, boats, and all other places accessible to the public.

Drunk is the person who is so under the influence of alcohol (and not any type of medication) that he or she has no permanent control over his or her actions and that anyone can observe the obvious drunkenness.

To prevent this trend from becoming worse and mainly in the interest of public order and safety the police department will be tackling this situation immediately and holding those accountable for any violation of the law.

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 31 Août 2016 09:37