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Armed robbery

The Special Robbery Unit of the police department is presently investigating an armed robbery which took place on Friday October 30th on Jordan road in the Cupe Coy area. The victim stated that earlier during the day he had seen a suspicious looking man riding in the area on a scooter with a helmet on his head. Later in the afternoon he went to bank to collecting the payroll for the workers. When he arrived at the worksite and stepped out of his car he was attacked by the same suspicious man he had seen earlier during the day. This suspect threatened him with a handgun and demanded him to hand over the money he had in his possession. Fearing for his life he dropped the money at which time it was taken by the suspect who took off on his scooter in the direction of Low lands and possibly fled to the French side of the island.

Shooting in Madame Estate

The police department is presently investigating a case whereby a group of men were shot at while standing in front of a home on Paradise Island road in Madame Estate. This incident took place on Sunday November 1st between 03.30 and 04.00 a.m. The victims stated that they were involved in a fight earlier at the Tantra Night Club. After the fight they had left to go home. Later while they were in conversation with each other in Madame Estate a dark colored vehicle with tinted windows drove up to them and the persons in the vehicle started shooting at them. They took off running to avoid being shot. According to the victims several shots were fired at them. The suspect vehicle and suspects left the scene after the shooting.

The Central Dispatch was immediately informed who sent police patrols and detectives to investigate what was going on. None of the victims were injured from any of the gun shots that were fired. The area was closed off for the Forensic Department to collect evidence while detectives were questioning witnesses. It is still unclear who the suspects are in this case and why the shooting take place.

Team Stats of the Multi Disciplinary

The Multi Disciplinary Team consisting of personnel from the Customs, Border Control and Protection Services and the police department has produced the following statistics for the period between September 1st and October 31st 2015.

During their controls and other activities a total of 36 persons have been arrested for different criminal acts.

A total of 13 house searches were done.

Four fire-arms were confiscated.

During the houses searches 6 of the 36 suspects were arrested, three of the four fire-arms were confiscated. A considerable amount of marihuana plants were also confiscated during these house searches.

A total of 20 motor vehicles were confiscated in connection with a car theft investigation.

During the traffic controls held by this team a total of 145 fines were issued to drivers for different traffic violations.

The controls by this team will be intensified within shot.

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 1 Nov 2015 17:22