Sint Maarten – SXMElections Preliminary Vote Poll Results: UP Party First

Par Autre 25 Août 2014 15:27

Sint Maarten – SXMElections Preliminary Vote Poll Results: UP Party First

In an election season, it’s common for polls to take place. saw it fit to also conduct a general poll, where we took it a step further by gathering information such as the voter’s gender, age bracket, and their preferred candidate on the political party they would most likely vote for. 

Overall the poll was a success. The online and offline users gave us an indication of how they will be voting in the parliamentary election of August 29, 2014. The results has been tallied indicating a total of 1068 votes cast. We saw tremendous result from the online internet poll with 862 votes. While we are at the disposal of technology, we decided we needed to go on the street at various locations to get a different sample of the opinions of voters who are not computer inclined which resulted in 161 votes. 

As with any poll, this is only a representation of the current events and cannot truly say what will transpired on the day of election. The online internet poll had safeguards in place to prevent persons from voting multiple times or from abusing the system. As a result in 45 votes were deemed invalid.


The result showed UPP in the lead with a total of 523 votes (51.1%), Followed by DP 197 votes (19.3%),NA 186 votes (18.2%) and USP 106 votes (10.4%). The remaining two parties received minimal number of votes, SRP 6 votes (0.6%) and OSPP 5 votes (0.5%).


Our findings also showed the results of the top 20 vote-getters consisting of:

Par Autre 25 Août 2014 15:27
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