Saint-Martin. 14 juillet shopping, dîner et musique sur la Marina Royale

Igor Rembotte
Par Igor Rembotte 10 Juil 2014 18:30

Saint-Martin. 14 juillet shopping, dîner et musique sur la Marina Royale

Lundi 14 juillet pour la fête nationale, les commerces de la Marina royale seront exceptionnellement ouverts de 16 à 21h00 et se joignent aux restaurateurs pour offrir une animation musicale pour cette fin de journée sur la Marina.

C’est toujours un grand plaisir que d’écouter Remo and the BarbWire Band dans un registre Zouk, Soca, Reggae, et de pouvoir chanter ses hits comme ‘’Sunshine City’’ ou ‘’West Indian Girls’’ ! Et c’est surtout, une ambiance assurée, très caraïbes et encore plus Saint-Martin !

Shopping, apéritif, diner, le tout en musique, voilà ce que vous propose donc les commerçants de la Marina ce 14 juillet.

Avec le concours de SXMinfo…

About Ralford “Remo” Joseph

Early Life:
Ralford “Remo” Joseph was born on February 23, 1970 in Mahaut, Dominica, was born into a two-parent household as the youngest of 9 children. Growing up, Remo was always encouraged by his mother to achieve whatever goals he set for himself in life. He considers himself blessed to have grown up in Mahaut because there is where he got his early exposure to music by living within hearing and seeing distance of band houses of two locally well-known bands at the time. This exposure led to an interest and soon after a love for music; so much so that he decided that he was going to be a musician as well. As such, he started teaching himself to play the drums at the tender age of 13/14 years. At this same age he participated in Mahaut’s Calypso Competition and won first prize. Achieving this first milestone in his music career only served to encourage Remo to become more serious about pursuing his dream of becoming a great musician one day.

Rise to Stardom:

After winning his first calypso competition, Remo got more serious about the music business. He felt that music was cut out just for him. At that time it seemed like his way out of having a “regular” 9 – 5 job that didn’t appeal to his young mind or spirit, plus music excited and inspired him. He started writing and producing his own calypso songs then decided after some time to get a band of his own. His first band was called Root Boys and the band members all came from his village of Mahaut. He left this band a few years later when he decided to leave home and move to St. Maarten. Shortly after moving to St. Maarten, Remo 19 years old at the time met some musicians from his home country and form a band called Xplosion. His first project with this band was a cd called “Pirates” for which he had written and produced a number of songs. His first time on stage with this band was like a dream come true. It showed him how hard work could pay off as long as the focus and desire is there. No words can explain how Remo felt the first time he heard his single on the radio. In his own words he says “it would have to happen to you for you to understand how it feels”. Disappointments did come along though. With the initial success of Xplosion Remo discovered that the rights for the first two cds he produced with Xplosion had been sold to Spice Island Records and as such, this company benefited from the band’s hard work and not the band itself. In his mind, this was a major setback in this band achieving the international success that was within its reach at the time. This also caused Remo to re-evaluate his music career. He left Xplosion band and struck out on his own. By this time, Remo viewed his music as a gift from God and he realized that he couldn’t give up on music because he still had a lot to give to the world of music and he still had a lot to achieve in music.

Remo has been working for the past few years as a solo artist who collaborates with bands both regionally and internationally. He is pursuing his music on a full time basis. He has a love for music of most genres though in his career he focuses mainly on Soca, Bouillon (traditional music of Dominica), and within recent years Reggae. Remo sees his music as evolving, as continuously growing and expanding as he learns to maximize his gift. Fans can look forward to a number of contributions from Remo to the music world in the near future in the form of more and new soca and reggae tunes as well as music video clips on regional and local TV channels that will bring him closer to them. With the support of his fans, Remo hopes to have a number 1 hit in soon and ultimately a record deal with a major company. To date, his career has taken him to almost every Caribbean island, as well as various parts of the United States including New York, Miami and Orlando. He has also performed in Europe, mainly the United Kingdom, Holland and France. Most recently Remo’s career has taken him as far as Africa. In the near future, Remo will be expanding his music career even more to include video clips for his songs that will be shown on regional and international TV channels. He is currently working on setting up his band after having recently relocated to the Caribbean and with this band he plans to come out at the end of this year, the beginning of next year the latest, with a brand new album that he knows his fans and others will love. His ultimate goal for himself and his band is to be able to tour as many places as they can reach just sharing his music with the world. So look out for Remo!

He now has his own band formed and has been performing both locally and regionally since his return to St. Maarten. His new Reggae album is getting ready for production. Remo hopes to have it on the market in the next 4-6 weeks. Fans can already view his music video of Bad Mind People on local St. Maarten tv channels, on YouTube and on Tempo. Join Remo and BarbWire Band’s page on Facebook to stay up to date with all of their steps. Feel free to send a message or leave a comment on their page, giving them your positive feedback. Remo and BarbWire would love to hear from you.

BarbWire, founded in 2000 with Ralford Joseph a.k.a. “Remo” as lead vocalist, currently includes band members Fred York – an original member – on drums; Alex Jack on bass and Hilroy Honore on guitar.

The band is a versatile one, known for playing reggae, soca and zouk. Remo’s current reggae album on the market is called Hooked, featuring his own music and performed in collaboration with Sean Shillingford and Francis, a.k.a. Elkie, Durand.
Barbwire and Remo also may be seen on TEMPO where you can catch clips of their live performances and a studio produced video for the song “Bad Mind People.” You can catch Barbwire fronted by Remo when you are in St. Maarten/St. Martin as they perform regularly at local hot spots such as major concerts such as the Heineken Regatta, public and private parties and local restaurants .

To experience Barbwire and Remo live in concert is what it’s about. You won’t be the same after!!!

Passions du groupe

Sharing the joys of music on St Maarten/ St Martin and islands in the region by offering a small but yet versatile band that satisfies the needs of all musical supporters through its professional and experienced musicians.

Perform both locally and internationally for concerts, public and private parties.

Artistes que nous aimons aussi

Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Morgan Herritage, Beres Hammond, Afrigo Band, Machal Montano, Fay Anne, Destra, Kassav, Carimi, Michael Jackson and all musicians who made a difference and were an inspiration in people lives

Igor Rembotte
Par Igor Rembotte 10 Juil 2014 18:30

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