Sint Maarten. Mr. Miguel de Weever in the Political Area with the United People’s Party

Par Autre 2 Juil 2014 22:54

Sint Maarten. Mr. Miguel de Weever in the Political Area with the United People’s Party

The Undersigned, Mr. Miguel de Weever, has decided that it is finally time to enter the Political Area and run with the United People’s Party (UP) for the next Parliamentary Elections on August 29th, 2014.

Miguel de Weever

Miguel de Weever

Mr. Miguel de Weever is an Economist by profession who obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami in December 1993, majoring in Economics. Mr. de Weever graduated with his Master’s degree in Economics, specializing in Economic Development, from Howard University in Washington, D.C. in May 1997 and shortly thereafter he started his career with the Government of St. Maarten.

Mr. Miguel de Weever has been in a management position from April 1999 when he was appointed as the Head of the department of Economic Policy & Research, thereafter he became the Sector Director of the Sector Economy & Tourism in 2006. He was instrumental in developing and building the Ministry of TEATT during the transition period from Island Territory to Country St. Maarten where he was subsequently appointed as Acting Secretary General in 2010.

Mr. Miguel de Weever is presently the Acting Secretary General (SG) of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic & Telecommunication (TEATT). As the SG of this Ministry he is responsible for 7 departments namely,

a) The Department of Economic Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunication,

b) The Department of Tourism,

c) The Department of Economic Licenses

d) The Department of Inspection

e) The Department of Civil Aviation and Shipping & Maritime

f) The Department of Statistics

g) The Department of Meteorology

His social involvement entails activities such as, but not limited to,

1) President of the Parents Association of M. Genevieve de Weever Primary School 2010-2013

2) Jr. Cats Coach Basketball Team 5 Championships in 3 years (2011-Present)

3) Help Teacher with Reading in School (2013-Present)

4) Member Downstreet Business & Community Council Association 2013

Mr. Miguel de Weever is married and has 3 children. I believe like all other persons on St. Maarten we need to create and leave a bright future for our children and it is time that St. Maarten has proper, effective, serious and experienced persons to represent them in Parliament.

The reason for entering politics is due to his drive to want to get things done to use his vast experience within the Government to move from being an advisor to become a decision-maker. He has worked under 3 different Ministers in 3 years and has seen the instability and uncertainty that this has caused and how it has affected our country. I want to ensure that the people and especially, the children, have a bright future where jobs can be created. For this reason, it is imperative to join a party that has the confidence of the community that believe and know that we will get the job done. I have been involved from the onset with the starting of the UP party and now it is time, now that the setting up of the Ministry has taken place with the attainment of country St. Maarten, to assist, support and strengthen the Legislative branch of the Country St. Maarten. Bringing a New Face with Experience to the People of St. Maarten to provide a Balanced Perspective. For this reason, my Theme is “Bringing Balance.”

Miguel de Weever

Par Autre 2 Juil 2014 22:54
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