Antilles. Chronique d’une mort annoncée pour le carnaval, avec un certain humour

Par Autre 5 Mar 2014 15:47

Antilles. Chronique d’une mort annoncée pour le carnaval, avec un certain humour

050314-CarnavalFuneral notice of Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We learned very late in the night waking us up early this morning the sudden disappearance of MOOMOO occurred in its twenty thousand and fourteenth year which, however, was in good health yesterday in the streets of Saint- Martin.

This review is from his unknown father and his mother who preserves her anonymity, his brothers and sisters all died, revelers, troupes leaders, sponsors, FCDSM. The vigil and his funeral will take place at the same time in the streets of Marigot. The home of the deceased being too small to accommodate all his family, relatives and allies.

MOOMOO medical term died of overwork four consecutive days cardiac excitement.

MOOMOO will be accompanied to his final resting place, this afternoon, for all its swarm of children of all ages valid or impotent. The procession will leave CARNIVAL VILLAGE in Galisbay à 2 PM and will move at AGREMENT, RUE DE LA REPUBLIQUE, RUE LOWTOWN, RUE DE HOLLANDE and back at GALISBAY.

A unique black and white must be worn by all not to upset the soul of the deceased.

Men can fill their pockets with a few tablespoons of flour to launch into the air towards the sky symbolic of the rising soul of MOOMOO to purgatory gods feast.

Always converted to cremation, MOOMOO will be cremated after the ceremony facing the sea at CARNIVAL VILLAGE Galisbay at 7.30 PM.

After MOOMOO was reduced to ashes, a seed ash body may be given to each member of his family in a matchbox. This Wednesday there will be ash for everyone, it’s not worth getting upset.

A period of fasting and abstinence should however be observed that in the bowels of hell, the rest MOOMOO for the shortest time possible.

Par Autre 5 Mar 2014 15:47
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