New Year’s message from True Hope For St Martin

Par Association 9 Jan 2014 15:40

New Year’s message from True Hope For St Martin

090114-TrueHopeDear Saint- Martiners ,
Dear Friends of Saint Martin ,

On the occasion of the beginning of this new year, it is with great pleasure and joy that we, members of the association “True Hope For St Martin”, wish to all St Martiners a very Happy New Year. May 2014 be a year of prosperity and good health for all of you and each of your loved ones.

We especially wish that 2014 be the year that brings us back to the values of respect, solidarity, work, love, compassion and sense of family responsibility, on which our St Martin Community was founded.

We also wish that 2014 enables us to lay the groundwork to finally realize the long-awaited unity of the people of Saint Martin. We admit to you that this is one of the main objectives of our young association.

Indeed, this association was created as recently as last October, and its aim is to be a tool that works effectively for the population of St- Martin and serves only its general interest. We fight for a quality education, for a public service that takes into account our difficulties and specificities, but also to unite all Saint Martiners around important current social & political issues, including the amendment of the organic law and the security problems that we now face.

“True Hope for St Martin” in a very short time, has gotten very busy, by organizing the Conference on Article 74 and its organic law, on December 7th 2013. It also came in support to the St Martiners who had the courage to be heard before the Administrative Court, concerning the exemption of a tax known as “Prelevements sociaux”, due to our new status.

This is just the beginning; other great challenges will be conducted with you and for you, throughout this year.

As a follow up to the conference on Article 74, a committee to discuss the proposed amendments to the Organic Law was implemented. Those of you who are willing to contribute one way or another to the work of that committee, you are more than welcome to do so by contacting us at:

You can rest assured that during this year, with faith and determination, “True Hope for St Martin” will work with you and will continue to respect and honor its commitments.


Jules Charville, President 

Par Association 9 Jan 2014 15:40
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