Saint-Martin. Divided we fall …

Par Autre 3 Oct 2013 00:16

Saint-Martin. Divided we fall …

031013-UnitedWell, well, well… When a man is wrong, he has to be man enough to admit it.

So yesterday I shared my enthusiasm with you, expressing my satisfaction to see a call for improvement made. Today I have to get back to you, maybe for the last time, and share my disappointment.

I thought that would be a wake up call, an opportunity given to all those who don’t recognize Saint-Martin anymore but still love her enough to believe in her future.

I really thought that all the people I meet on a daily basis claiming that “if they could, they would…” would have been on the road today.

I guess they would have felt good as I did when I reached on the spot and saw an english banner that read exactly what I wanted to voice.

Very few of us who isn’t part of the BTP was present. I made some phone calls and all I heard as answers was “maybe I’ll pass later” or “wait for me, I’m coming”.

Well… They didn’t come! For some reason, my fellow saint martiners didn’t feel concerned by their own future.

We saint martiners like to talk, we like to preach and criticize but today proves that when it’s time to take action, we are gone, we have something more important to do.

But we saint martiners should stop talking, saying and crying. We are definitely not capable to get together if there is no food and bush tea involved.

No unity, no sense of responsibility, no global vision but definitely selfishness and laziness. That is the sad admission I wanted to share with you this evening.

Well, my fellow saint martiners, let me tell you something you all may know : nothing good is going to happen for this island as long as we don’t change our mentality and show some sign of unity. I just hope this happens before Saint-Martin is taken away from us… Unity and voluntarism are keys to manage fruitful coexistence and well balanced integration on the once-upon-a-time friendly island.

Mickael WEINUM

Par Autre 3 Oct 2013 00:16

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