Saint-Martin. Courrier du lecteur : Finally something is happening!

Par Autre 1 Oct 2013 15:38

Saint-Martin. Courrier du lecteur : Finally something is happening!

011013-LecteurI was just about to get aggravated. Not that I didn’t enjoy laying back for a while watching our “élus” do nothing. Well not really nothing, they have this weird seat-passing game they’re playing since 2008 and I must admit that I haven’t so far totally get neither the rules nor the goal. What I see for sure is that the very winner of this game is the Semsamar Directrice who lives big, and there are some others.

Anyway, so here I was seated, not on the blocks but under my tree, looking at my sweet Saint-Martin get worse and worserer day by day.

I stopped going for spins in Marigot for I would come back more depressed by this ghost town or injured by some gold grabber, if not by a school child.

I also stopped shopping more than the necessary groceries since my tenant can’t afford the rent anymore and pays me once in a while. What can I say? I know he tries to make more money but there is none out there.

I even stopped listening to the officials since all they have ALL been saying since we become Collectivité is “we wish but we can’t ; you want but we won’t ; and don’t blame us, it’s not our fault”.

Meanwhile, Marigot has become a big dirty medical center where it is a shame to bring tourists, from my point of view.

It is like each day produce a new tramp in the streets and everybody else stays in a corner I like to call their security zone ; that’s the zone they think they can continue to live in safely and quietly without realizing that out there is running dry.

We reach to a point where I don’t see how 40 000 of us will be able to continue live peacefully on this island if there isn’t a major influx of work and money on this part of the island because we all know an empty stomach is not a good adviser.

Well, it seems that some starved before the rest finally.

I would like to raise my hat to the BTP association who has the courage to call for a stand, to fight the battles the people we elected turn their back to.

I would like their initiative to get big and noisy and that’s why I will be amongst them tomorrow. I would also love to see a lot of my people in the streets, let us not let others fight our own battles and then call ourselves victims of colonization. 

Everybody like to claim how resilient and friendly saint-martiners are, which is true, but I’ve reached to a point where I feel that we are mostly taken for incapable fools, some kind of insignificant minority.

Well, I start to starve, I have no home abroad to run to, and I am surely significant, so this is what I am going to demonstrate with the BTP.

I really hope to see my fellows come out also and claim the respect we are due to.

Mickael WEINUM

Par Autre 1 Oct 2013 15:38

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