Le Who’s Who de MTF

Igor Rembotte
Par Igor Rembotte 8 Août 2013 13:47

Le Who’s Who de MTF

Mad Twoz Family c’est avant tout un groupe de RAP au sein de l’Association. 7 musiciens de Sandy Ground qui travaillent ensemble depuis 2005, écrivent leurs textes, créent leurs sons, assument leurs mises en scène pour leurs clips et les réalisent. Voici le portrait de 5 d’entre eux, AK BAM et JAH JAH sont eux en métropole pour y poursuivre leurs études.


080813-JeremyStacky Stacks

My real name is WATT JEREMY, I am 23 years old.

My passions are Rap music, doing graphic posters , and reading.

I am the President of the Mad Twoz Family Association which is very known by the youth in Sandy Ground for our activities and shows .

I was raised in Sandy Ground and I lived in New Jersey for 6 years.

Before I left the island to go to the United States I remember Saint-Martin was more of a friendly place and the youth had much more to do. Even Sandy Ground had a little playground…

Now there is a lot of violence between the young people because we feel left out and lost…

As a young Saint-Martiner, I am very concerned about the future of Saint-Martin’s youth. I feel that we wont’ be able to build our future for we don’t even know our past, our history…we don’t have an identity… We like to claim that we are from here but what is the importance of being from Saint-Martin if we don’t learn and promote our multi culture ?

I myself don’t know much about Saint-Martin’s history.  I wish it was taught in school more than the history of France  to which I have never been and probably will never go.

Saint-Martin will get a lot crazier if we don’t make a change in the young people’s lives. We need to take them off the streets  and to teach them something. Promoting our history and cultures is one of the MadTwoz Association’s objectives.

080813-BalyGBaly G.

My real name is Baly Jeyson, I am 21 years old.

I love rap music, Fixing Scooters and playing basket ball.

I am a member of the MadtwozFamily since day One.

In the group, I rap, I do the mastering of our music and I put the Madtwoz films videos together.

Basically, I spend my time making music since there is nothing for the young generations to do here, no jobs, no training opportunities. Hopefully music will get us somewhere one day …


080813-LilMoLIL MO

My real name is Bastista Edmond, I am 21 years old.

I was raised in Sandy Ground.

I am passionated in making music, and I love to ride motorbikes.

In the group, I rap, I do the graphic on the pictures and I also manage the Madtwoz Facebook page.

I am engaged with the Madtwoz Family Association because I see young people with a lot of talent, a lot of inspiration and capability in Saint-Martin, but local talents are not supported by anyone.


My real name is Jean Gantois, I am 21 years old.

My passions are Rap, Hip Hop music and sports.

I am also very curious and thus like to discover new stuff also….

In the Madtwoz group, I stand as producer.
I recently started to rap also.
We all got talent and are ready to show it.

I am involved in the Madtwoz Association because I would like a change to happen.

Life in Saint-Martin is hard for the youngsters, we struggle a lot.

Politicians don’t seem to care, so we need to make things move elsewhere.


Lil C080813-LilC

My real name is Eleuthere Romain, I am  20 years old.

I love riding motorbikes, rapping and listening to  music. I also like to play football.

In the Madtwoz group, I rap and I direct our videos..

I am a member of the Madtwoz Family Association because I would like to help the youth.

Life is getting harder and harder in Saint-Martin and I think it is urgent that something is done to get us off the blocks.

It is time to lend a hand to the youth out and to create more jobs for us.

Igor Rembotte
Par Igor Rembotte 8 Août 2013 13:47

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