HeadMade Factory’s call to artist in St Martin & Sint Maarten

HeadMade Factory
Par HeadMade Factory septembre 11, 2012 14:43

HeadMade Factory’s call to artist in St Martin & Sint Maarten

The aim is to identify and select artists for the “hey you ?” What do you see ? of St Martin, exhibit date november 24th 2012 to décembre 20th 2012.

HeadMade Factory’s call to emerging and professional artists of the island, aiming to select artists willing to rebrand the touristic image of St Martin & Sint Maarten. Contemporary Artists willing to reinforce the idea that the island is a land of creation and culture. HMF will the organise an artistic event to exhibit the selected artists work. The curator chosen theme is « Hey you ? What do you see ?» of St Martin, artists from all fields can present their works (performances, choregraphy, video,installation, contempory painting & drawing, photography, contemporary dance…)

For the event , HMF will invite three contemporary Art and carribean art experts to gage the artistic potential of the island in order to organise the first comtemporary art Biennale of St Martin. Régine Cuzin, Richard Conte & Fabienne Pourtein will attend the varnishing and will be guided to visit the workshops of the selected artists but only five artists will have their works exposed at « Hey you ? What do you see ? ».

The experts will host a roundtable on the topic of « Tourism & contemporary création » on november 24 & 25th, the general public will also be invited to expose their views on the cultural and econimic implications of development of art related tourism.

5 artist will be retained from this call, 3 st martin artists living abroad and 5 HMF artists will be invited. So at least 13 artists will be present at« Hey you ? What do you see ? » of St Martin.

Useful informations

Exhibition saturday november 24th to Thursday december 20th 2012.

Round tables saturday november 24th to sunday november 25th 2012

Workshop visit (appointments) november 26 to 30th 2012.

Call to artits timetable.

 Apply by email at: [email protected] and /or send your CD or flash disk by registered mail at : HMF S/C ATYPIQUE 4 Rue du Général de Gaulle Marigot St Martin (FWI). reception deadline : Monday october 22nd 2012.

 Selection results by monday 29 october 29 2012.

For more information : www.artsxm.org

For more information on the expert and contemporary art

– Régine Cuzin : international curator, Caraïbeean spécialist. link :http://www.latitudes-ocea.org/

– Richard Conte : Institut ACTE Director (Actes créations théories esthétiques, Université Paris 1-CNRS) Link : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Conte_(plasticien) & http://cerap.univ-paris1.fr/spip.php?rubrique60

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HeadMade Factory
Par HeadMade Factory septembre 11, 2012 14:43
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