Strenghening your immune defenses with Immun’Âge ® : an effective way to help you fight against viruses

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Strenghening your immune defenses with Immun’Âge ® : an effective way to help you fight against viruses

Respiratory infections, such as the flu or colds, among others*, are easily transmitted. There is a wide variety of potentially dangerous respiratory diseases, often viral in origin.

They represent a current and pervasive health problem all over the world as they may be transmitted and can lead to severe complications including death, particularly among infants, elderly and frail people, especially those suffering from respiratory conditions and chronic cardiovascular diseases.

Vaccines – when they exist – are only partially effective in the fight against epidemics. The molecules on the virus surface whose specific role is to destroy those viruses are constantly and rapidly changing. Thus available options for protecting and treating people from these conditions still remain limited.

The role of oxidants (free radicals) in viral diseases is quite complicated. However, studies have demonstrated the role of reactive nitrogens and reactive oxidative species (RNS and ROS) as mediators of virus-induced lung damage. As a result, antioxidants may be expected to be acting at many different levels.

The recognition of the key role played by free radicals (oxidants) in respiratory inflammation spurred renewed interest in therapeutical measures aimed preventing and reducing risks related to free-radical generated conditions.

Since the current standard treatment does not specifically address this issue, using antioxidants such as food supplements that can protect people from free radicals attacks, is an important step forward in reducing the number of respiratory diseases.

Our body is endowed with natural defenses that protect us

Our first line of defense is provided by both our immune system and our antioxidative system.
Our immune system produces A-immunoglobulins (IgA), an antibody that plays a crucial role in the immune function of mucous membranes by facilitating the elimination of infectious agents by the mucus.
It secretes also lysozyme, a small enzyme that attacks the protective cell walls of bacteria leading to their elimination by the immune system cells.
Our antioxidative system uses a broad range of enzymes to protect our respiratory mucosa, i.e., the mucous membrane lining our respiratory tract including the nose, larynx, trachea and bronchial tree. The superoxide dismutase (SOD), i.e. the most critical antioxidant in the human airways, mops up the free radicals generated during upper tract respiratory infections.

What measures can you take to protect yourself?

When a vaccine is available, you can decide to get immunized.

As a rule of thumb, apply general protective and hygienic measures:
– Thoroughly wash hands with soap regularly.
– Sneeze or cough in your elbow or upper arm, and then wash your hands.
– If you use a tissue, discard it immediatelly after having sneezed or coughed, and then wash your hands.
– Avoid touching your nose, mouth, or eyes: they are the boarding gate for viruses and bacteria to enter your body.
– Avoid close contact with people who could be contagious.
– Thoroughly clean your environment regularly, notably all the surfaces that you touch with your hands, as well as your commode, sink, etc.
Also, you can take food supplements to boost your natural defense systems.

Immun’Âge ® : A Protective Food Supplement with a Triple Action (

Immun’Âge ® is a 100% natural food supplement made solely from fermented papayas with the patended process FPP ®. Published studies have demonstrated its efficient antioxidative and immunostimulating properties, as well as its powerful action on cellular energy.
Immun’Âge ® properties can help you strengthen your defense systems. By making you stronger, it protects you against respiratory infections, making them less severe or shorter lasting.

The 2012 published study of Dr. Marotta, a renowned gastroenterologist, and director of ReGenera R&D International in Milan, Italy, demonstrated that subjects treated with Immun’Âge ® for one month showed an improvement of their natural defenses. The subjects showed a significantly higher level of IgA, lysozyme production and SOD expression.
With these significant effects, Immun’Âge ® helps to reduce the whole respiratory oxidative stress in the human airways and the incidence and/or severity of upper respiratory tract infections by helping mucosal defenses.

Scientific publication:

Is there a potential application of a fermented nutraceutical in acute respiratory illnesses?
An in-vivo placebo-controlled, cross-over clinical study in different age groups of healthy subjects**.
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*The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced on Thursday, January 31, 2020, global health emergency due to the coronavirus 2019-nCoVoutbreak.

China had first informed the WHO about cases of the new virus in late December 2019. The virus has spread to more than a dozen countries and the number of cases spiked more than tenfold in a week. China raised the death toll to 170 on Thursday, and more countries reported infections. On Friday, January 31, the death toll in China had risen to an additional 41, with more than 1,300 infected globally.

Par Autre 1 Fév 2020 21:21
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