Coronavirus 2019 nCoV : How Immun’Âge can help you protect yourself

Par Autre 27 Jan 2020 16:42

Coronavirus 2019 nCoV : How Immun’Âge can help you protect yourself

The new coronavirus, the 2019-nCoV that has first been identified in Wuhan, China, has spread in recent days to several countries, with cases now in the United States.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “the immediate risk from the 2019-nCoV to the general public is considered mild at the time.” However, everyone is worried about the potential spread of this new type of coronavirus that can cause severe respiratory illness and even death. But you can protect yourself from this type of infection.

In 2009, the fast spread of the H1 N1 influenza virus, sometimes called ‘swine flu,’ scared people throughout the world. Before an effective vaccine was available, Professor Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, had given recommendations for preventing this respiratory infection. Among the usual hygienic precautions such as washing your hands often with soap, not touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and eating a nutritious diet, Montagnier emphasized the importance of drinking much fluid.



The mucous membranes that cover your upper respiratory tract (mouth, larynx, throat, nose) are part of your immune system. They must be kept humid to do their job, i.e., protecting your body against infection. Mucus is secreted along with other infection-fighting substances that make up your immune system. If your upper respiratory tract is not kept humid, not enough mucus is produced. This, in turn, increases the risks of inflammation (rhinitis, sinusitis, and more) and infection (from bacteria, viruses, parasites). Drinking water is indeed an effective measure to keeping your upper respiratory tract humid.

Dr. Montagnier also suggested using natural food supplements (clinically and scientifically approved) to help protect ourselves against inflammation and infections. He had personally experienced Immun’Âge and talked about its preventive action for respiratory infections in a 2009 French TV interview. Immun’Âge is a 100% natural dietary supplement made by the fermentation of non-genetically modified papayas. It combines two well-known natural keys for good-health in Japan, i.e., papaya and fermentation.

Dr. Montagnier’s recommendations are valid today to protect yourself against the coronavirus.

A dietary supplement containing only fermented papaya, Immun’Âge has proven to be able to naturally stimulate your first line of defense, i.e., your immune system, and your oxidative system.
Immun’Âge exhibits an anti-inflammatory action and exerts a great immunostimulating activity, particularly at the level of the mucous membranes.

Immun’Âge properties have been proven by world-renowned scientists whose research has been published and communicated in international conferences and meetings.

It is a white powder presented in small 3-gram packets. It is easy to ingest: you put the powder under your tongue and let the saliva dissolve it before swallowing it. The saliva will activate the active compounds of the product.
If you have been exposed to the virus, or if you experience mild symptoms such as swelling of mucous membranes, tickling on the throat or nose, take one packet immediately, then one packet six hours later, and one before going to bed. Take the product on an empty stomach. Symptoms should disappear quickly. Continue taking Immun’Âge for a week.

A strong antioxidant and great immune booster, Immun’Âge is produced without using any preservatives or chemicals and under strict quality standards.


Par Autre 27 Jan 2020 16:42
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