Sint Maarten police report

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 16 Juil 2016 09:46

Sint Maarten police report

Shooting incident

The Detective Department is presently investigating a shooting incident which took place on Thursday July 14th at approximately 01.00 p.m. The 34 year old female victim told detectives that she was called to her home on Peppermint Drive by a friend, who explained to her that an unknown person or persons had fired shots at her house. At her home she indeed noticed a bullet hole in the front door and on the wall where a bullet impacted. She further stated to detectives that she had no idea who could have done that.

According to a witness an unknown man who had his face covered was seen in the vicinity of that home and was seen firing shots at the house. After committing this act the suspect fled the scene.

The Forensic Department was on the scene collecting evidence and the detectives are questioning potential witnesses in connection with this case. No one was injured during the shooting.

IMG-20160715-WA0000Incident at Belvedere border crossing

On Thursday July 14th shortly after 03.00 p.m. while the Multi Disciplinary Team was conducting controls at Border Point in Belvedere they noticed that a small orange colored vehicle had just crossed the border at high speed from the French Quarter into the Belvedere area and that this vehicle was being chased by a patrol of the Gendarmes.

The driver of the fleeing vehicle stopped his vehicle close to where the police controls were taken place. The Gendarmes in question continued their pursuit and also crossed the border into the Belvedere area and approached this vehicle which they were chasing.

Several armed Gendarmes stepped out of their vehicle attempted to arrest the driver by removing him from the vehicle by force. The Multi Disciplinary Team immediately intervened in the matter by informing the Gendarmes that they were out of their jurisdiction and if they needed any assistance they should contact the police. They were instructed to immediately refrain from any further actions or conducting any further investigation, which they did. In the meantime several other vehicles from the Gendarmes with reinforcement arrived on the scene. This spectacle attracted a lot of attention from drivers passing by and people living in the neighborhood.

The Gendarmes then informed the Multi Disciplinary Team that they were conducting an investigation and ordered the driver of the vehicle to stop for a routine control and to have the vehicle searched which the driver refused to do and took off at high speed in the direction of the Dutch side.

On request of the Gendarmes a search of the vehicle was done by the Multi Disciplinary Team and a small amount of marihuana was found. The suspect was arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for further investigation. The suspect was brought before an Acting Prosecutor who informed the Prosecutor on call of the situation. There was at no moment any confrontation between French and Dutch law enforcement officers.

After the suspect was questioned the and a hefty fine paid for the possession of the marihuana the suspect was released as there were no other legal reasons to keep him in custody.

It is important to mention however, that there are discussions going on between the French and the Dutch law enforcement regarding the working relation and cooperation and mainly issues regarding the crossing of the border. The discussions will continue and finalized and hopefully implemented in the near future. (see pic attached)

Officer swears in.

On Friday July 15th during a short ceremony at the Ministry of Justice an officer from the Royal Marechausee by the name of Claudia Geerdink was sworn in by the Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo. Officer Geerdink is one of the many officers from the Royal Marechausee that were sworn in by the minister Kirindongo and are working in the different departments within the Justice Ministry.


One arrested for illegal weapon possession

IMG-20160715-WA0030During a routine patrol by police on Friday July 15th at approximately 06.00 p.m. in the Fort Willem area, the driver of a gold colored Hyundai Accent which was very heavily tinted was ordered to stop.

The driver of the vehicle refused to stop an increased speed in order to flee from police. The police chased this vehicle through the Fort Willem area. During the chase two suspects managed to jump out of the vehicle and took off on foot through the area. When the driver of the car noticed that there was no way out he also jumped of the vehicle and fled on foot.

The area was surrounded and one of the suspects was arrested in the vicinity of the Prince Bernard Bridge. During a search of the area where the suspects fled, a loaded pistol and a revolver were found and confiscated.

The suspect was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for further investigation. During a search of the home of the suspect a small amount of marihuana and several different caliber bullets were found and confiscated.

The suspect remains in custody for further investigation.


Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 16 Juil 2016 09:46

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