The USA Independence Day Highlighted at SXM Airport

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The USA Independence Day Highlighted at SXM Airport

Sweet snacks and balloons emblazoned with the red, white and blue colors of the USA flag, and St. Maarten music playing in the background, highlighted the USA Independence Day celebration for travelers at SXM Airport, on July 4, 2016.

sxm-July 4 pic1

Traveler (R) is greeted at SXM’s July 4 exhibition by Audrey St. Luce-Jack, the airport’s Acting Manager of Marketing & Customer Service, July 4, 2016. (SXM photo)

The second annual July 4 feature at SXM served as “a passenger give-back initiative” with emphasis on the USA traveling market, which has long provided the largest single group of people seen at the SXM terminal.

This year the SXM marketing team ensured that the Independence Day exhibitions at both the Arrival and Departure halls had the added flare and entertainment to wow passengers.

The delectable treats offered by the SXM Airport team were red, white, and blue themed cupcakes and cookies that were made in St. Maarten. The sweet treats to commemorate the July 4 USA holiday with American visitors, were available to all arriving and departing passengers.

The USA passengers that walked up to the table of goodies also said that they were quite impressed to see their country’s flag featured as a red, white and blue balloon backdrop at SXM.

The celebration was part of SXM Airport’s value added service to ensure that all passengers experienced a Warm Welcome and Fond Farewell on July 4, said Larry Donker, Deputy Managing Director.



Illustration :  Musicians getting ready to strike up a tune at SXM’s July 4 exhibition in the airport’s Arrival Hall. (SXM photo)

Offshore Editing Services
Par Offshore Editing Services 6 Juil 2016 22:15
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