Sint Maarten Police Report : Search for Kathron “CUCHI” Fortune continues

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 29 Mar 2016 18:53

Sint Maarten Police Report : Search for Kathron “CUCHI” Fortune continues

The Justice Department is informing the general public that the search for Kathron “Cuchi” Fortune is still ongoing and the department is relying on the support, the cooperation and most importantly information from the community to locate and recapture this armed and very dangerous escaped prisoner and now a fugitive of the law.

WANTED POSTER CUCHIAll departments within the Justice Chain since his escape have been actively busy searching for “Cuchi” which has become priority. Information has been coming into the police department regarding the where about of this fugitive, however the information is still insufficient to accurately determine the location of “Cuchi”.

The entire community is reminded that “Cuchi” has been sentenced for the very serious crime of “murder” for which he has been incarcerated at the Point Blanche Prison prior to his escape. He is also suspected of other vicious crimes committed on the French side of the island and for which he is also sought for by the French authorities.

The escape of “Cuchi” since February 15th 2016 has created an immense feeling of concern for the safety and security of the entire community on both sides of the island. The continued search for “Cuchi” until now did not have any positive results which could have lead to his recapture. The escape of “Cuchi” is considered a serious crime. Any person or persons involved in helping or assisting him to avoid his recapture are also committing a crime.

It has been six weeks since “Cuchi” has escaped and the Justice Department is reminding everyone that “Cuchi” will continue to pose a very serious threat to our communities until he is recaptured and safely returned to prison. No one should ever under estimate this situation and feel comfortable because they believe this is not their problem. On the contrary, “Cuchi’s” escape and he running loose in our community is not only a police problem, but it is a problem for the entire community of Sint Maarten.

It is the responsibility of the entire community to assist by being vigilant and actively on the look out for this fugitive until he has been recaptured by authorities. Do not wait until Kathron “Cuchi” Fortune becomes comfortable within our society and goes back to committing such criminal acts for which he was imprisoned in the first place. As a small community we should join hands together to bring safety, security and tranquility back in our daily lives. We should not wait until a family member yours or any another member of our community becomes a victim.

The Justice Department is asking for information from the community that can lead to the arrest and recapture of Kathron “Cuchi” Fortune. A reward of Nafls 5000,- has been made available to anyone who can provide the information necessary that can lead to his recapture.

WARNING: Do not attempt to capture “Cuchi” on your own as he is considered armed and extremely dangerous. The phone numbers to call are 911, 9300 and 588-4163.

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 29 Mar 2016 18:53
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