SXM Airport Installs ProVision Security Screening Machine

SXM Airport
Par SXM Airport 9 Juil 2015 10:47

SXM Airport Installs ProVision Security Screening Machine

090715-SXMSIMPSON BAY, St. Maarten (Wednesday, July 8, 2015)—Going through security screening at the Princess Juliana International Airport, SXM, will henceforth become a breeze, thanks to the installation of the ultra-modern L-3 ProVision security screening machine.

The L-3’s ProVision allows operators to detect virtually any concealed threat effectively and safely: metal, ceramic, plastic, liquid. It is more reliable and less intrusive than pat-down searches, faster than comparative body screening systems, and safer to use than a cell phone.

090715-SXM2“We are also taking security to the next level,” said Regina LaBega, SXM Airport Managing Director. “Coming in the wake of the official opening of our renovated Departure Lounge, it is clear that we are doing everything we can to improve passenger experience,” LaBega added.

According to Larry Donker, Director of the Operations Division at SXM Airport, the decision to purchase the security machine was based on the need to improve passenger-processing efficiency. The L-3’s ProVision supports processing 200 to 300 people per hour depending on protocols, and the targeted search replaces the need for time-consuming physical hand searches, said Donker.

Another reason Donker gave for the purchase of the machine is that its use would remove passenger privacy concerns. It is an image-free system, which detects objects automatically, in a safe and effective way, whilst at the same time ensuring the passenger’s privacy. The automatic detection software eliminates the generation and review of images, according to the Operations Division director at SXM.

Other reasons include the cutting-edge technology, which virtually eliminates all health risks for the passengers and security personnel operating it.

The system is being used in The Netherlands, Canada, the UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, the USA, Guyana, and now in St. Maarten.

SXM Airport
Par SXM Airport 9 Juil 2015 10:47
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