Sint Maarten. Plan of action for the cruise and holiday season 2013 – 2014

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 3 Déc 2013 22:04

Sint Maarten.  Plan of action for the cruise and holiday season 2013 – 2014

031213-KPSMThe cruise season has started. The many large cruise ships and mega yachts and constant scheduled flights come to a greater extent to Sint Maarten. Based on experiences in the months of November to December of each year and the months of January/February of the following year, the Police Force of Sint Maarten again faces a new challenge, to mainly provide and ensure safety for the tourists and also the community of this country. The police have put a plan of action together regarding how to deal with this situation in the best manner possible.

The image of Sint Maarten in regard to the crime situation has the fullest attention of the police force. Cases involving criminal activities such as robberies, burglaries, break-ins, theft from cars and violent crimes against tourists and citizens may occur and the we will do our utmost to prevent this type of criminal acts from happening. The police department has identified several ‘hotspots’ and other known locations where tourists frequently visit and more focus will be put on these locations as a source of prevention. Also our focus will also be put on the shoplifters, pickpockets, hair braiders, and so-called ‘chain snatchers’.

For the police this is every reason to have constant police presence and visibility. This situation calls for special attention and in our opinion, particularly during the final weeks of each year and the first weeks of the new year. Tourism is the main source of income for country Sint Maarten and together we have to protect that. Along and in consultation with other partners in the justice chain such as Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND), the Voluntary Corps Sint Maarten (VKS), Customs Department, Coast Guard and Public Prosecutor Office this plan of action will be executed.

In the overall approach by the police special attention will be given to the gypsy taxi drivers who are providing illegal transportation for tourists and citizens as well. This point has been discussed with the Public Prosecutors Office on how to handle best in this situation.

The head of traffic, Inspector Benjamin Gout, has been in talks with the different public transportation organizations, exchanging information and making agreements in how to minimize traffic congestions during the very busy holiday season.

During this period, which is usually from November 15 2013 through the early part of 2014, additional capacity (manpower) will be necessary to carry out this plan.

-At all activities the focus will be on monitoring situations, enforcement of the laws and conducting of investigations;

-Efforts will be maximized when cruise ships are in port and during the evening and                                                                                                                                               night hours at locations where activities are planned;

The purpose of this plan of action is to:
-Reduce the number of (robbery) robberies against tourists and in the number of robberies general;

-Reducing the number of ‘chain snatching’, shoplifting, loitering, and harassment, pickpockets, especially during the shopping nights;

-Additional monitoring at hotels, restaurants and café’s;

-Additional monitoring at stores in and outside the Philipsburg area;

-The visible presence of the police;

-Collecting information on a possible offender or group of offenders;

-Tight maintenance of public order (reinforced controls on hotspot);

During these weeks of action, each day will be monitored by the management team to evaluate the current state of affairs and whether it is necessary to adjust the schedule or the approach. When there are more than two cruise ships in port Front Street and Back Street will be closed for motor vehicle traffic. All diversions and rerouting of traffic will be announced to the public in advance.

We are asking the general public to cooperate with the police department to make this Holiday Season a very safe one and to make good use of the Holiday Safety Tips provided by the Police Public Relation Department.

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 3 Déc 2013 22:04