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Par F.L 16 Jan 2011 20:10

Translation into French, Spanish, English (US & British) and Dutch

If your are “Lost in Translation”, IPSOPACTO offers the alliance of two oppposite concepts : a high quality standard and affordable prices. We are convinced that our team has to be well paid for its expertise, however, we achieve this objective, offering our client the best price.

Quality Translation

We offer our translation services as freelance translators. For you, it means the bill will be cheaper as we do not need to charge you for the costs of the company and administration staff. Besides that, the service quality is up to the highest standards and you have a direct contact with your translator when required. We use CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation) to ensure a good quality tracking and modern CRMs to make administration easy and to avoid interfiering with the dedication of the translator on your project.

General, certified and technical Transaltion

Your translations in english, french, spanish, dutch (other languages on request) are undertaken, revised and corrected by native speakers. If some specific expertise is required, the best translator will be assigned your project. This allows us to get texts that are ready-to-use for publishing, at the best rate.

Contact: http://www.sxmtraduction.com/welcome/

Par F.L 16 Jan 2011 20:10

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