Précision d’un Internaute: AOT / COM / Baie Orientale

Sxminfo Antilles
Par Sxminfo Antilles 22 Déc 2012 05:22

Précision d’un Internaute: AOT / COM / Baie Orientale

50 pas géométrique decision is quite simple = it validates the title of property of the BEAUPERTHUY family on those lands…. their title is from 1840 !

So it means that whatever was done, or paid since 1840 until now on AW30 BELONGS TO THEM and not to SINDEXTOUR or COM for sure !

Same for AW33 from 1840 until January 2011 !!!

That is why Norbert  LUFTMAN cannot ask for renewal of AOT to the COM in 2008 or 2009…. simply because at such date AW33 is STILL BEAUPERTHUY’s private property and is not part of public domain !!

How could he claim that his request for renewal in 2008 and 2009 were LEGALLY sent to the COM !!!! At such time the 2 pieces of land (aw30 & aw33) are still the property of INDIVISION BEAUPERTHUY !!!!

It is only with the Court Decision from January 2011 that AW33 will be allocated to the COM ! Not before !

So his renewal cannot be legal simply because his request for renewal was :

   – impossible as since  Feb 2004 (Commission des 50 pas géométriques), those lands was confirmed to be BEAUPERTHUY since 1840 !
– impossible as the Court in Basse Terre confirmed integrally such decision in September 2007 !
– impossible as you cannot renew in 2008, 2009  something that already disappeared ! Since 2004, those lands were not anymore public domaine, but only BEAUPERPTHUY : as such all monies taken by the govt from SINDEXTOUR at that time (mean from 1840 until 2011) should be return to BEAUPERTHUY on both lands. All monies taken by SINDEXTOUR to the restaurant should be return to the restaurant as SINDEXTOUR got no rights from the govt as the govt got no rights on such lands !!!!

This situation is not “questionable or ambiguous” as Norbert and his friends thry to explain. It is cristal clear but it seems that some people wants also to deprive BEAUPERTHUY heirs from their rights !

The victims are : the restaurants that SINDEXTOUR screwed with the help of the Mairie and then the COM, and off course BEAUPERTHUY who is today mainly screwed by his lawyers (MICHELET and others) who are telling him he cannot claim anything !!!!!

Come on ! It is so obvious ! The AOT given last September to SINDEXTOUR is retreoactive to july 1st 2009 with a rent of 180.000€ per year ! So it means that in 2009 such money MUST BE PAID TO THE OWNER OF AW33 = BEAUPERTHUY ! It is the same for 2010, those 180.000€ MUST be paid to BEAUPERTHUY !!!!

How come lawyers can fool this respectable old men and tell him BS ! They did not even ACCEPT to hold a meeting with me ! They are too much afraid that I will be able to demonstrate that in fact their ONLY CLIENT is SINDEXTOUR who bribe them already to fool BEAUPERTHUY.

Things like this should be put on papers by journalists!

Réponse au “Droit de Réponse” de M. Luftman en date du 19/12/2012 ICI
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Sxminfo Antilles
Par Sxminfo Antilles 22 Déc 2012 05:22