Sint Maarten police report

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 15 Avr 2016 17:13

Sint Maarten police report

Conference on the realization of the Plans of Approach 2016

On Monday April 11th and Tuesday April 12th a conference was held at the Divi Little bay Hotel in connection the realization of the Plans of Approach for 2016. The conference was opened at 09.00 a.m. by the Honorable Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo who welcomed the delegations from The Netherlands, Curacao and Sint Maarten.

The minister then followed by stating that: “This conference is being held due to the fact that in the month of October of this year the general order of Council regarding the execution of the Plans of Approach for the Police Force of Sint Maarten and the House of Detention will come to an end and that there must be a way for these two entities to maintain all that they have achieved thus far. In addition, the further strengthening of these entities should be worked on and also that this process be evaluated properly.

In other words we have to ensure that;

  • the Plans of Approach are successfully finalized.
  • the goals set in the Plans of Approach are achieved within the financial possibilities and that the milestone that have been achieved along those that are to be achieved be guaranteed.

DSC00025The further building and strengthening of the KPSM and House of Detention to become better adequate organizations which can totally fill their roll in the safety and security of Sint Maarten has the fullest attention of country Sint Maarten.

The core question of this conference regarding the Plans of Approach is:

“What can there be done to jointly achieve the outstanding aspects of the Plans of Approach and how do we move on after October 2016?”

The conference ended positively with conclusion that both the House of Detention and the Korps Politie Sint Maarten will make a draft of their “Plans of Approach” which will be presented to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of General Affair who are responsible for the plans. After this documents have been discussed in the Council of Minister they will then be discussed in Second Chamber in the Netherlands on how to further process with the “Plans of Approach”.

The entities that were represented at this conference are namely: Representatives of the Netherlands in Philipsburg, members of the Progress Committee for the Plans of Approach for Sint Maarten, members of the Council for Law Enforcement, representatives of the Ministry Interior Affairs, representatives of the Ministry for Safety and Justice in the Netherlands, representatives for the Ministry of General Affairs, Finance and Justice on Sint Maarten. Representatives for the Police Force of Sint Maarten, House of Detention, Royal Dutch Marechaussee and the RST (Detective Collaboration Team).

Opening Jump-up for Carnival 2016 a success/ No drinks to be served in bottles

The opening Jump up for Carnival 2016 was a success. The Jump-up was held on Thursday April 14th 2016 was scheduled to start at 08.00 p.m., but stared approximately 08.30 p.m. The jump up left the Reward area via the L.B. Scot road, Church Hill round about, Bush road, Prins Bernard Bridge, Walter Nisbet road, Salt Picker Round About and ended in front of the Festival Village on the Soualiga Boulevard. The jump up arrived on time for the opening ceremony. The jump up well attended by carnival revelers and onlookers. There were very few report of fights, disturbances or persons miss-conducting themselves in which the police had to intervene.

What the police have noticed along the route of the jump-up is that there were many persons selling drinks and food out of vehicles on the side of the street. Several of these vendors were selling drinks in glass bottles. The police are asking all vendors for safety reasons not to sell drinks in glass bottles and to use plastic cups for that purpose. Not sell alcohol to a minor which is illegal and can cause you a very heavy fine.

Finally the police department wants to thank and congratulate the entire community for their cooperation and good behavior during this jump-up and is looking forward for the same type of cooperation and conduct over the entire carnival season.

Chain snatched from victim’s neck.

The Special Robbery Unit is presently investigating a case of Chain snatching which took place on Wednesday April 13th at approximately 04.00 p.m. The victim with initials F.W.R. stated that he was walking in Front Street in the vicinity of Shoe Tree when suddenly he felt that gold necklace was snatched from his neck. When he reacted to what was going he realized that an unknown young man had pulled his chain from his neck and took off running in the direction of Back Street.

Armed robbery in Front Street

The Special Robbery Unit is also investigating an armed robbery which took place on Thursday April 14th at approximately 09.45 p.m. at La Galleria on Front Street. This robbery took place while the opening Jump Up for Carnival 2016 was on its way from Reward to The Festival Village on the Soualiga Boulevard. Police Patrols and Detectives were immediately dispatched to investigate what had taken place. On the scene the investigating officers spoke to several victims and witnesses who stated that they were suddenly attacked by three men who were dressed in dark clothing and armed with guns. These men forced themselves into the complex and robbed the victims of an undisclosed amount of cash, a gold chain and a cellular telephone. After committing this act, all three suspects fled the scene on foot in the direction of Back Street. A search of the area was done but no one was arrested as a suspect in this case.

The Police Department is asking anyone who has information in connection with these two robberies or knowledge of any other c rime or criminal activity to get in contact with the police department by calling 54-22222 ext 214 / 215 or call the Anonymous Police Tip line # 9300.

The police department is taking this opportunity to remind the general public to be very vigilant and aware of their surrounding. The entire community should take good note of the “Awareness and Safety Tips for Carnival 2016” and to take all necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

DSC_1096Scooter rider injured during accident

The Police Traffic Department is presently investigating a serious traffic accident which took place on Friday April 15th at approximately 07.50 a.m. on the Walter Nisbet road in the vicinity of the “Yellow Building” (VROMI). The accident was between a scooter rider and a SUV.

The investigation showed that the scooter rider was overtaking a long line of cars coming from the direction of the Prins Bernard Bridge while the driver of the SUV was making a left turn on to the Walter Nisbet road.

As a result of the impact the scooter rider landed under the front of the SUV injuring one of his legs severely.

He was treated on the scene and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical center for further treatment and where he remains for observation.

Korps Politie Sint Maarten
Par Korps Politie Sint Maarten 15 Avr 2016 17:13